How to Create Graffiti Effects on Paper

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    • 1). Draw your design outline with a pencil or fine-tip marker with a single, unbroken line.

    • 2). Draw over the line with a chisel-tip marker to make it bolder.

    • 3). Decide on the direction of light in the design. If you want the light to come in from the left, strengthen the lines on the right with bolder shadows, and vice-versa. You can also choose to have the light come in from the front of the design. In this case, build up shadows on the right and left so the shadows meet in the middle.

    • 4). Fill in the design with color, starting with your lightest shade and working toward the darker shade. After applying the lighter shade, build up darker colors on the side of the design opposite the direction of light. Depending on your style, you can completely fill the design or scribble in color with long zig-zag lines like a spray can produces when hastily applied.

    • 5). Draw highlights over the design with a white-out pen, if desired. The highlights should be consistent with the direction of light. In other words, they should appear opposite the shadows drawn earlier.

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