Myths About Weight Training and Women II

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Myth: Toning is the smart training choices for women.
Fact: The term toning means using lighter weight or any other resistance most probably to obtain little muscular effect - for strength and appearance.
So toning is to enormous amount of work i.
many sets, many repetitions.
Basically this includes high volume of work.
Such toning practices are not at all effective and will also tire you and give nothing in return.
There is no particular benefit of doing multiple sets.
It will only tire you, waste your time and reduce the quality of workout.
So it's better to do high intensity set for each exercise rather than low intensity toning multiple sets.
High intensity training is very effective for women as they cannot do many high intensity sets.
So the number of times you will train will reduce.
So it would reduce the training time and you can allot more time for recovering your body.
In training it is not important to train more but training purposefully and hard and then resting and recovering is more important.
Myth: Body composition if weight increase after workout.
Fact: Women who train regularly will slowly and modestly gain more muscle and this will change the composition of the body.
Such women will be reduce their fat mass and will have more lean mass.
Such women will look lot better than earlier.
The reason for gain in weight can be as muscles weigh more than fat and training reshapes the body.
So there is a change that women may slightly gain weight but would look better as they will have better body composition now.
If you check the difference with two women having same weight but one is training and other is not then you will notice that women who is training will have better body composition and less fat mass making her look better.
Myth: Lower or medium intensity aerobics training is the right way for women.
Fact: This is also a myth because the number of calories burned during lower aerobics training is also low even if you want to use up the calories this won't help much.
So to expend hundreds of calories you would also have to spend lot more of time.
This lower intensity aerobic training will be of no use for fitness.
Intensity is must even in aerobics training or cardiovascular workouts.
It is important to use maximum of your heart rate.
If your using 50-60% of maximum heart rate it won't be of much use.
You must be able to use 75-85% of your maximum heart rate and sometimes 90% of your maximum heart rate if you want to burn calories and increase your fitness.
You can perform this workout by using treadmill or steps on hills or walking faster for small interval during walk and then again slowing down to moderate state and again after some time trying to walk fast.
It is important to remember that every-day aerobics or weight training is not needed.
It is important that body receives rest and relaxed body will always perform training better and give you better results.
It's time to move on from the myth that volume or more is always better.
It's important that you perform with high intensity in training and reshape your body.
Spending time on low intensity workout will only waste your time and lead to boredom.
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