How to Do a Candy Land Float

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    • 1). Cover the trailer with the green outdoor carpet and secure the cabana frame to the trailer with rope. Place the cabana near the back of the trailer, keeping the front space free for those riding the float.

    • 2). Make the Rainbow Trail by creating a path around the trailer with alternating colors of construction paper.

    • 3). Cover the cabana frame with brown paper from the brown-paper roll to create the Gingerbread House. Secure with packing tape. Cut out a door and line it with cardboard cut to size from the cardboard box to make it functional. Cut out windows and cover the spaces with clear-plastic food wrap to represent spun-sugar panes.

    • 4). Line the edges of the house with polyester stuffing to represent icing.

    • 5). Cut the Styrofoam balls in half and paint them bright colors to look like gumdrops. Glue them to the Gingerbread House.

    • 6). Paint the empty wrapping-paper rolls with red and white paint to look like peppermint sticks. Place these around the door and windows of the Gingerbread House.

    • 7). Cut out Gingerbread Kids from the remaining cardboard. Cover with brown paper, polyester stuffing and Styrofoam gum drops, then place the completed Gingerbread Kids around the Gingerbread House.

    • 8). Paint the back sides of the paper plates to look like lollipops with blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, and purple paint. Secure one end of a long dowel rod to a plate with packing tape. Put a line of glue around the edge of the plate and affix another plate to it. Now you have a 3D lollipop on a stick for the Lollipop Woods. Repeat until you have used all of your dowels. Place the Lollipop Woods at the front right side of the float. Secure to the floor of the trailer by wrapping packing tape around the bottom edge of the dowel and taping to the ground. Repeat wrapping and taping to the ground on four sides. For more security, staple the tape to the outdoor carpet.

    • 9). Cut two equal lengths of red paper. Roll each section of paper lengthwise, then twist both pieces together to create licorice. Repeat with black paper. Using red and black licorice, create the Licorice Lagoon on the front left side of the float.

    • 10

      Dress up as your favorite Candy Land character when you ride the float. If throwing candy is permitted on the parade route, toss lollipops into the crowd as you ride.

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