How to Change the Text Color With HTML

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    • 1). Select the color for your text. See the Webmonkey link in the Resources below for a chart listing all the available hexadecimal codes with examples.

    • 2). Open your HTML document in the editor of your choice. This can be a program used for Web design, such as Dreamweaver, or just a text editor like Notepad.

    • 3). Insert the HTML code for the font color in the section of your document where you would like to place the colored text. The code is <font color="">. Type the hexadecimal code for the font color between the quotation marks.

    • 4). Use the code </font color> after your text to close your font color tag. For example, if you only want one line of your text to be in red, you must close the tag after that line or the rest of your text will be in red.

    • 5). Save your file and preview it in a Web browser to make sure the colors you have chosen are readable.

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