How to Solve a Venn Diagram

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    • 1). Identify how many shapes you need in the diagram. For example, if you are studying 3 cities, use 3 shapes. If you want to compare 2 different animals, use 2 shapes.

    • 2). Draw the shapes on a piece of paper. Each shape must intersect (overlap) with each other shape.

    • 3). Label each shape on the outside with the name of the group and the total number of items in that group.

    • 4). Pick an overlapping section and read the problem carefully to determine how many items are in both of the groups. An example might be "out of 59 students taking classes, five are taking both English and math." Put five in the overlapping region.

    • 5). Figure out what number needs to go in the remaining shapes and overlapping areas. Each section should have a number (even if that number is zero).

    • 6). Add up the total number of items in your Venn diagram to make sure the total equals the amount asked for in the question.

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