Glue Guns

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Time and time again we are in situations that require things to be stuck.
There are various types of adhesives that can be used.
Glue guns use a type of thermoplastic adhesive.
The adhesive is available as separate sticks of plastic.
The sticks are placed in the gun and then spread on the area of application.
The guns are simple and easy to use in the house.
The sticks are 11 millimeters in diameter and 10 centimeters in length.
Glue guns are available as the hot type or the cold type.
Both use the thermoplastic sticks.
The sticks are classified depending on the plastic they contain.
The plastics used very in strength.
Some of the plastics used include: ethylene, vinyl acetate, polyethylene, polypropylene among others.
The sticks are melted before application on the surface.
The guns may be cordless or, they may be powered by the mains.
The cordless type may be powered by batteries.
The plastic used must therefore have a low melting point.
The cold type of guns work on low temperatures.
Most work at around 250 degree Celsius.
The cold type are used for substances that are damaged by high temperatures.
They are also used when little strength is required.
They can be used for clothes, craft materials and laces.
High temperature glue guns work at around 380 degree Celsius.
They are used when much strength is required.
They should not be used with substances that are damaged by hot plastic.
These guns can be modified to work at low temperatures.
Cordless guns are usually of the cold temperature type.
Be careful when using the hot type.
They can burn your hands.
The hot plastic should not be touched until it has dried and cooled.
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