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      "Black Shades" is a free game for PC, Mac, and the iPhone. In it, you play as a psychic bodyguard who must use various means to protect your V.I.P. from an endless supply of assassins and zombies as the two of you wander through an infinite, randomly-generated city. There are some tricks available to help you improve your bodyguard capabilities.

    Configuring the Settings

    • Go into your "Black Shade" installation directory and open the file config.txt to activate Developer Mode. In this file you'll find options the in-game menu does not provide, such as ways to change your screen resolution and mouse sensitivity and change settings.

      If you have issues modifying your config.txt file on Windows, right-click the "Black Shades" folder and choose "Properties." Uncheck the "Read-only" box, then open the "Security" tab and give yourself administrator privileges for editing the folder's contents.

    Controlling the Bodyguard

    • Use "W," "A," "S," and "D" to walk and hold "Shift" to run. Press "Ctrl" to crouch or zoom, "Q" to toggle aiming mode, "R" to reload your weapon, "E" to use psychic aim, "Z" to toggle soul release, and "Space" to dive while running forward. A left-click triggers an extra action in addition to what your character is already doing. It fires your weapon if you're aiming, disarms an opponent if you're not aiming, smashes if you're running, or picks up your opponent's gun if you're crouching over his corpse.

    Accessing Developer Mode

    • To activate Developer Mode, open your config.txt file with editing software like Notepad on the PC or TextEdit on the Mac and change the number beneath "Show fps and other info" to 1. In some versions, this setting may be called "Use Developer Mode (shows FPS, allows infinite slow-mo, etc)." This is also known as the game's Debug Mode.

    Developer Mode Cheats

    • With Developer Mode active, you'll see additional text information in the bottom left corner of your screen. You now have access to additional controls. Press the "Tab" key to toggle a third-person shoulder viewpoint. Press "F" to use the Force Push. Press "B" to toggle slow-motion mode and "K" to skip your current level. Press "Shift" and "X" together to switch weapons, and press "G" and left-click at the same time to launch a grenade.

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