How to Create a Photograph

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    Digital camera

    • 1). Power on the camera. Insert the memory stick into the memory card chamber. This is usually in the same location where the batteries are housed.

    • 2). Hold the camera up to your eye and look through the viewfinder. Many cameras have an LCD screen on the back, showing you what the lens is seeing. This allows you to frame your photograph without holding the camera up to your eyes.

    • 3). Press down on the "Capture" button, found on the upper right corner of the camera.

    • 4). Connect the digital camera to your computer with a USB data cable to import the image. Select the photograph and click "File" then "Print" to print the photograph onto a piece of paper. Specialty photo paper looks best, but you can also print on regular printer paper.

    Film camera

    • 1). Power on the film camera. Open the film chamber and position the film canister on the left side, then stretch the film across to cover the entire back of the chamber. The tip of the film should rest on the right side of the chamber. Close the lid. Either wind the film manually or, for automatic film cameras, listen for the film to catch and begin to wind. Do not open the film chamber until the entire roll has been used. Light ruins the film and any images recorded.

    • 2). Look through the viewfinder of the film camera to frame your shot. Most film cameras do not have the large LCD display to showcase the content.

    • 3). Press down on the "Capture" button, found on the upper right corner of the camera.

    • 4). Take your completed roll of film to a film development center. Most drug stores process film quickly and cheaply. Once the film is developed you can view your captured photographs.

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