Some ways to earn a living on the internet

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With the economic climate the way it is at the present, and work hard to find we all have to start looking at other areas with regards to finding work or making money. Finding a job and earning money are both the same, but they are both totally different. I will explain exactly what I mean by that statement as it sounds a little perplexing. Finding a job will earn you money in the way of providing a wage but you don't have to have a job to make money.
You can earn money using the Internet without having a job, there are a wide range of alternative ways of making cash from home just using a computer and a small amount of know how. By no means is this a get rich quick plan by the way and it is not guaranteed to provide you with thousands per month, even though it may. The basic theory is to insert classified ads on your own web site and when people click through on those ads you make some dollars. The more website visitors that your website receives the more clicks you get and the more dollars you get.  There are a plenty of different ads you can add on your web site but by far most popular are Google AdSense adverts. They are really simple to add to your site, just a simple code that shows advertisements that are relevant to your web page. When a visitor clicks on one of these ads you will make a small amount of money, the amount depends on the type of ad that is shown.
I originally started making revenue online when the recession hit my business hard, there were not a lot of jobs in Liverpool at the time and making a living was hard work. With a lot of spare time on my hands, I started to look at different forms of making a living and learned about Google AdSense on one of the Internet sites I was browsing. So I decided to give it a go, it was pretty hard work at first trying to get my head around all the Search engine optimisation stuff but once I mastered it was plain sailing from then on in.You will need to start, a simple web site; this can be done for free with one of the many online web site builders. Create a site around a topic or theme that you know about, add the AdSense advertisements and that's the easy bit complete, the next part is not that painless and that's the seo. SEO is a complex and in depth subject and there is way too much to go over in just one article, but to put you on the right track you need to start creating links back to your web site. By far the best way of link building is by article submissions just Google the subject and a huge amount of stuff will come up. I make a decent second income to supplement my regular job using this very simple system and if you have the time and patience then I would definitely give it a try.
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