Why Is Solar Power Panel Installation In Major Australian Cities Like Qld, Sydney On The Rise?

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Australian households are one of the top most in the developed world for paying the highest electricity bills and have thus benefitted greatly by Solar Power Panel Installation in Melbourne & Solar Power Panel Installation in Melbourne QLD and Sydney like cities.

Using solar energy to power your house is a great way to decrease the amount of your electricity bill and also reduce your carbon footprint. With access to this kind of a renewable energy, there are many ways that you and your home can be benefitted.

Regardless of the season, Australia is bestowed with sunshine throughout the year, thus having the name the Sunburnt Country!

According to WIKIPEDIA:
Of all the continents, Australia has the highest average amount of solar radiation per square metre per annum. The amount is from 1500 to 1900 kWh/m2/yr, mainly depending on location. Australias total current primary energy consumption of approximately 5500 PJ/a could be met by an area of 4000 km2 of solar collectors with an average of 20% conversion efficiency. If this were built as a power station with land coverage of 20% it would be 138 138 km. The collector area has been described as being approximately the same as the area of domestic house roofs available nationally.

The amount of solar radiation that is experienced in Australia on an average of per square kilometer is more than any other country or continent on earth. The sun provides around 10,000 times more energy that is yearly consumed in Australia and by Solar Power Panel Installation in cities like QLD, it is possible to harness this renewable source of energy.

Although, the cost of installing a solar power panel can be deemed high by many but according to research, an average Australian homes utilizes about 18 kWh per day, using a 1 to 2 kW system can help in reducing 25% to 40% of the electricity bill. This over a period of time will stabilize costs and thus help you eventually save money in the long run.

For instance, if you buy a 2 kW solar power system and this helps in reducing 30% of your electricity bill, then you will be saving almost A$150 every quarter on a A$500 bill and in about 12 years you will be able to pay off the installation and earn a profit there after.

If you think of it in terms of investment, then you will see a profit of about 8%. The returns may differ within each state and can also increase in accordance with government discounts and rebates.

You can also entirely offset the electricity bill by buying a larger system, though it will take a lot more space. A 1 kW solar panel system can generate around 4 to 5 kW hours per day, whereas a 3.2 kW can generate 14 kW hours per day, thus almost completely cutting down on the power bill.

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