Voltage Converter for a Hair Dryer, Does it really work?

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When you search Google for voltage converter for hair dryer you get lots of products that promise to converter your 110 volt hair dryer to 220 volts, which will allow you to use it overseas.  But do they really work? I have heard a lot of complaints by customers whose hair dryers blow up when they use it with the converter. You need to know the following before selecting the right one.

Check the hair dryers wattage, now a days most of the hair dryers are 1875 Watts, which means all the converters that are 1600 watt will not work. They are too low for a 1875 watt hair dryer. When you plug it in, the fuse will either blow of or the converter and the hair dryer will fry. You have to be very careful, you have to select a voltage converter that supports up to 1875 watts. 1600 Watt Converters will only work for hair dryers up to 1600 watt.  But even with the right converter, it is very risky. These travel converters are not designed for continuous use, they tend to get really hot if you use it for more than 5-10 mins. And if the voltage fluctuates even a little bit the converter will blow.

For hair dryers I don't suggest any voltage converter, rather just purchase a dual voltage or 220 volt hair dryer, with a plug adapter. You won't have to worry about short circuiting, or blowing up your hair dryer. If you need more information regarding voltage converters visit

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