How to Learn Rajasthani

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    • 1). Decide how you want to learn the language. Online language learning is easy, convenient, and inexpensive. It affords you the luxury of learning at your own pace without any time restrictions. You get to choose your timings and the type of online learning tool. You can simply click on online learning resources and have a written lecture. You also have the option of enrolling in an interactive online language teaching class.

    • 2). Have an open mind and know that you will have false starts. Learning to speak and write a new language is not easy. Begin with pronouns and verbs such as "you," "I," "they," "come," and "go."

    • 3). Speaking and writing should go together. Online language learning tools instruct you how to practice writing. Try writing what you have learnt. Write "I" in Rajasthani in your practice book.

    • 4). Switch back to speaking. Progress to nouns, adjectives and tenses. Keep practicing your writing. Purchase books written in Rajasthani online. Try to each page slowly and loudly--this will help in identification and ensure good reading skills.

    • 5). Form simple sentences such as "I go," "come here," and "eat apple." Try to move from structuring simple, incomplete phrases to complete sentences such as, "I am going to her house" and "I want to eat an apple."

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