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I have been to Northern Cyprus this year. And, boy! What a way to holiday there! I was left captivated with its natural wonders. Before travelling to Northern Cyprus, I had heard a lot about its tourist-friendly facilities. It will be hard to leave such a beautiful place for a nature lover like me. I have been to all major places like Kyrenia and Famagusta as part of a tour along with my family. I have enjoyed every moment a lot. Both on the beach and in any of the exotic locations that are available in abundance in North Cyprus.

As I had already done my homework on the places to visit and where to get accommodation through the invaluable services provided by Direct Traveller, travelling has never been so easy for me. Thanks to Direct Traveller!

Coming to the details of my holiday, Northern Cyprus is the perfect place for any person who is for a beach holiday. There are many unspoilt locations that are yet to be explored on a full note. Hence, anyone can find the unspoilt surroundings still being intact. That sheen of those lovely beaches on the sunny sands can never be forgotten. The shelter under the Mediterranean Sun is a memory of my lifetime. I have to come to know that why a majority of the beach holidaymakers prefer Northern Cyprus as their first choice. Descriptions and details of every beach have been elaborated well on Direct Traveller's website for which I will always be indebted to them.

The first thing that concerns anyone when one lands comfortably in Northern Cyprus is finding a convenient car hiring service. The local transport is not tourist friendly with almost every bus completely packed and there is no scope for travellers to take advantage of the local travel with taxis getting slightly more expensive now. However, as a blessing in disguise, I have already booked for prompt car hire services through Direct Traveller, which are available right from the airport and you can utilize their services as long as you continue your stay in most beautiful places of Northern Cyprus and return back. After touring this scenic island, one can get to know that it is all about sun, sand and fun.

I now plan for Christmas holidays in Cyprus along with my entire family. There are many resorts that provide excellent facilities, especially for tourists like me. The hospitality service provided will be awesome and you will be left with a pleasant surprise always for all the care that will be showered upon you. Most of the resorts are located near to the beach. Hence, your plans for an ideal Christmas will not be left unattainable. Much of the information has been obtained by me from Direct Traveller to get access to those hotels that can offer the best services for a relaxing holiday.

Every hotel in North Cyprus is incorporated with the latest features that can be availed for an affordable rate. Also, there are hotels that provide luxury amenities as part of their service to customers. Regular packages are announced on the website of Direct Traveller that provides the convenience for prospective travellers to get the latest information on their services and special offers. I have taken the exclusive offer given by one such hotel and stayed at The Dome hotel in Kyrenia. It can be accessed very easily from the Venetian harbour which is right next to the hotel. Places like Kyrenia and Famagusta are known for welcoming tourists with a smile always.

Northern Cyprus is a perfect tourist location that can be preferred for late holidays. Whether you are holidaying on an individual basis or in a group, your privacy will never be disturbed. Every place is known for its picturesque presentation of the surroundings while retaining the natural beauty and purity of that place. Direct Traveller has been excellent in providing the finer details for a regular tourist like me. Be it information about flights, hiring services, accommodation facilities, information about beaches and other relevant information such as details about the place one is visiting.

Thank you, Direct Traveller!

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