How to Regrip a Golf Club

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  • 1). Remove the club's grip, with a knife if need be. Remove any tape that remains on the shaft, and clean any tape residue using grip solvent and a piece of cloth.

  • 2

    Wrap double-sided tape around the shaft, from the end to the point where the grip will stop (see A).

  • 3). Fill the little hole at the end of the new grip with a golf tee. Pour solvent into the open end of the grip. Cover the open end with your thumb and shake it to distribute the solvent.

  • 4

    Pour the solvent onto the taped area of the shaft, and slide the new grip onto the club (see B). Remove the golf tee from the end.

  • 5). Make sure the grip is properly aligned. Let the grip dry for 6 to 10 hours.

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