Choosing Window Blinds Sydney

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Window coverings are always a very important part of any home and when choosing the right blinds there are a number of things to take into consideration. Window blinds offer privacy and shading while complementing the interior theme and fittings you have chosen for your home. Sometimes curtains can be useful however, in many instances, the better choice is to select blinds. First, it's important to understand the different types of blinds you can get and what they offer as window coverings.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are popular because they are light and easy to operate. They can come in block out fabric which will give you complete privacy however, there are also options to choose sunscreen or translucent fabrics which give some visibility while also offering some shading.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are elegant. They are often found in contemporary or traditional settings. These can be made in a wide variety of fabrics.


Venetian blinds are very popular and can be found in timber, aluminium and PVC forms. The timber venetians offer insulation properties while the aluminium offers a contemporary feel and the PVC are durable.


Although these are not necessarily a ‚¬"blind‚¬. They offer privacy and allow you to vary the amount of light coming into the home. These are similar to the venetian blind option.

Vertical Blinds

These are the perfect covering for large glass expanses such us doors leading to the patio.

What to Consider?

The following is a list of considerations to think about when choosing blinds for your home.

Purpose - What is the purpose of the blinds. Do you want them to insulate your home and keep it cool? Is it more a matter of privacy? Do you require them to function or are they simply there to look good? How much light do you want to block out and do you want them to block out sound? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you make the right decision faster.

Aesthetics - Blinds are there to complement the d©cor of a room. When looking for blinds for your home, make sure you take into consideration the look and feel of your interior. If it's a classic feel you are looking for timber shutters and venetians are a great choice. If it's a more contemporary feel, you may wish to choose metals and aluminiums.

Energy efficiency - It's something many of us forget when choosing blinds, but the energy efficiency of our home can be affected by the type of blinds we choose. When it comes to impressive performers, taking energy efficiency into consideration, timber shutters and blinds are great.

Privacy - Some rooms may require more privacy than others so it is important you think about how much privacy you want and how much a particular blind will offer. This will also affect the choice of fabric or material you choose.

Shading - When putting blinds in the home you are often looking to shade the interior of your home to keep it cool. It's important to know if you want to completely block out the sun or simply reduce the amount coming in.

Style - When you know what you want, make sure you choose a style. It may be nice to have consistency through the entire house, however, this is not always practical. Research the different styles available and the materials, you'll be surprised at what you might find.

Budget - Consider you budget. Some blinds are cheaper than others, and when you are on a limited budget you may need to consider these cheaper options. This is also the case when you are choosing a fabric. Sometimes one fabric may look great however, if it above your budget, do some research, you may find something very similar at a fraction of the cost. At the same time, don't just go cheaper to save a few dollars. If the more expensive option is still with your budget, sometimes it's nicer to go with that option. Some people will choose the cheaper option and then wish they had gone with the more expensive and will then go out and spend more money.

Practicality - Remember what you are covering. Does it need to be accessed regularly? Venetian blinds may not be the best choice for in front of a sliding door which is often used.

Sunlight - How much sunlight do you wish to let into the home? Do you require the area to be lit well, or do you want no light at all during the day?

Colour - Ensure you pick a colour that goes with your home and matches your d©cor. Blinds are a permanent fixture so it's important to make the right decision from the beginning.

Size - Don't get blinds that are too small or too big for your windows. A perfectly sized blind will look perfectly balanced.

What should you not do when choosing window blinds?

1. 1. Don't let someone else choose for you - this is a personal choice. You know the d©cor and colour scheme of your home, and you know what you like. Getting advice is helpful, but in the end it is your decision, and the professionals seeking to help you may not understand the feel that you are going for.

2. Don't choose based only on what you see - Blinds are difficult to try before you buy. So if you are unsure, order a sample and try it out in your home. Check how it works in your room and if it does all you need it to.

3. Don't paint first - Window blinds come in a range of colours but there is a much wider variety of colours in paint. It will be easier to match your paint to the blinds, than match your blinds to the paint.

4. Don't settle for what you think others will like - If you are a bold person, don't be afraid to go bold. It's you that has to live with the window blinds, don't let anyone tell you they are wrong.

5. Don't keep what you've got if you don't like it - So you've just bought a home and it's already got blinds. It's your home now, if you don't like it€¦ change it. They aer your coverings, you need to be happy. If you don't have the money to do it all at once, just do it gradually.

6. Don't settle for poor quality - When you choose bottom of the line window blinds, the chances are that they will break sooner than you imagine. Invest in just that little bit more and get high quality blinds.

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