Blogging Secrets - 2 Secrets That Will Get Your Readers Hooked to Your Blog!

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There are some people who have literally turned blogging into a career and the primary source of their income with the sheer volume of traffic that they attract.
Have you ever wondered how they do it? You can get similar results with your own blog if you'd use some of the better kept blogging secrets that many pro bloggers jealously keep to themselves.
Here are a couple to help you get started.
Use Images A picture speaks a thousand words, they say.
Imagine all the typing work you could save yourself! But seriously, using images and photographs is one of the lesser known yet most effective blogging secrets you could find.
After all, a large part of blogging is visual communication.
By giving photos to your readers, you can easily leave them asking for more.
Have an Identity Too many bloggers out there are unaware of this little tactic and rely on the sheer volume and value of their content to save the day.
But content can only get you so far.
If you give your readers a unique image or persona of yourself that's not commonly seen in other people, it gets them interested - both in you and what you have to say.
Many professionals use these blogging secrets to great effect.
The persona doesn't even have to be real but it definitely has to be interesting.
It's just like in real life: if there's a very distinct, strong, standout character in the vicinity, you tend to gravitate toward that person.
And even if your blogs are online and don't involve physical contact, attracting people toward you is definitely the result you want to see.
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