A Personal Chef Job Can Be Challenging

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The job is associated with meeting lots of people and improving your cooking skills through lots of practice.
Personal chefs usually go to the houses of clients, create a menu with the client, make some suggestions and then visit the house once every week or so to cook the food and prepare the dishes.
A good personal chef can work at all hours of the day or night.
The schedule is usually flexible i.
you could be cooking at 6 am in the morning and having a rest at 2 pm in the afternoon.
Schedules are usually dependent on the schedule of the person or family you are cooking for.
In some instances food will be prepared only once a week, but for another customer meals might be put together three times during the week.
It really depends on the budget and some on the freshness of the food prepared.
If everything can be frozen, than the weekly schedule would work and would be the most economical.
A personal chef never knows who their customers will be.
He or she should be open to different tastes and different requirements depending on the client.
Having daily interaction with various people requires communication skills from a personal chef.
You might possess very good cooking skills but if you do not have people skills then the job is not for you.
Organizational skills are also very important.
You have to keep track of scheduled times and follow the recipes exactly unless you have been granted the right of improvising from a client.
While a chef can learn to cook practically anything in cooking school, most likely people skills are not one of the skills that are taught.
A chef who is used to running a kitchen might find it difficult to answer to an individual customer.
If it is difficult for them, they will learn quickly that maybe the most important skill is the ability to work with clients.
While a personal chef's job or business can be challenging, it also is interesting.
If you like working for different people and working in different environments, this is something you might really like to do.
But as you can imagine it can be frustrating, like if you have to search to find a client's favorite brand of pasta.
Also, since you will be working in someone else's home, you might have to follow some idiosyncratic house rules that the client has.
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