Sharp Unveils Air Conditioner Manufacturing Plant In India With Complete Inverter Ac Production

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Since the beginning of New Journey in India, "One of a Kind Products" for Indian Consumers has been a Key Strategy for Sharp. Towards fulfilling this strategy, Sharp has launched Inverter ACs, with patented Plasmacluster Ions, Coanda Airflow and the Next Generation R410A Refrigerant gas in 2011, at a time when the entire AC Industry in India was only talking of Normal Split ACs, with R22 refrigerant. Along with this, Sharp started a Consumer Awareness campaign to explain the huge running cost saving proposition of Sharp Inverter ACs. Indian Retailers have started associating Sharp Inverter ACs with Statements like "Normal Split AC is becoming obsolete" or "Inverter AC is actually Cheaper than Normal Split AC" or "AC at the running cost of Coolers" or "AC at the running cost of Fans" or plainly "AC @ Rs.3 per Hour".

This is a unique and differentiated strategy of giving customers the Best of the Technology at the Best of Cost and the relentless drive taken up personally by Mr.Sunil Sinha, the Managing Director and CEO India Region for Sharp, India, to educate Indian consumers and Dealers towards the "Future is only Inverter" has started a revolution in the minds and hearts of the people in India.
Armed with this conviction and success, Sharp proceeded to the next Big Step for the Subcontinent market "" Local Production of Inverter ACS.

Set up in a record time of 8 months, the factory itself is a marvel, using latest technologies and processes. The factory line incorporates complete Japanese Quality Control processes which gives the Sharp Products it"s unique durability.
A look at the unique technologies used in the ACs from this new manufacturing facility :

Sharp"s patented Plasmacluster Ion Generator : Stylish looking, Sharp ACs are equipped with the patented Plasma Cluster Ion Generator which creates fresh air in a room like in a forest or park, besides removing morning allergy, virus, germs, bacteria , mold, pollen, dust , all types of bad smell, pet dander etc. In this sense it is not just a device for cooling but truly a conditioner of air.
R410 Refrigerant Gas : Currently most ACs in the market use R22 Gas. ACs using R22 gas is banned in most advanced countries like Japan, European Union and US due to it"s high potential of ozone depletion. Import / sales of ACs using R22 gas is likely to be disallowed in foreseeable future in India also. Sharp is thus introducing all models with eco-friendly R410 A Gas.

COANDA Airflow Technology : Super-speed cooling is available in all ACs. However, only the thoughtful and human engineering at Sharp"s R&D has come up with the unique COANDA Airflow, where the room is evenly cooling creating a truly pleasurable experience without the discomfort of having the cool air-throw directly on the face or body. This is especially good in a room where elderly gentleman, sick people or babies are resting.

Laundry Function : The Air Conditioner blows Air on wet clothing and moisture is transferred to the room "" which gets removed from room by the dehumidifier function. After some time, the high-concentration Plasmacluster Ions remove the slightly unpleasant odor of wet clothes from the room.
Air Flow : Only Sharp ACs come with Air throw of 11 metres!
ECO Mode : Sharp"s unique Instant Low Wattage in 2 Steps. The air conditioner can be set to ECO Mode via a two-stage adjustment. Power consumption is limited to the displayed %age value, reducing electricity costs and preventing over-cooling.

Higher Dew Point : Lower Dew Point in most ACs cause misting, which is very much harmful for lungs, and high water dripping, which is bad for indoor wall. Sharp AC comes with high Dew Point Temperature in conjunction with High Air Flow, which results in no water dripping from Indoor Units.

Commented Mr.Sinha : "Science at Sharp is committed to developing technologies that not only improves everyday lifestyle, but the World too. We will continue to produce products which deliver unique value to our dealers and consumers"
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