Caring for Leather Boots for Women

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There is just something about leather boots women just can’t resist. Slipping your foot into the first boot just seems to give you confident, sheik, and sophisticated feeling that no other type of women’s shoe can. You have made a good investment in those boots, but you really need to know how to take of them. Water is the number one threat to ruining your new leather boots.

Moisture will cause your boots to crack and eventually fall apart and you will no longer be able to wear them To protect your investment there are our areas to look at to take care of your leather boots.

1. Keep your boots clean. Make sure to remove all dirt and dust on a regular basis. You can use a leather cleaner for the type of leather finish you have, or you can use a damp cloth. After cleaning, let the shoe dry for about an hour and then brush them off with a soft cloth of either cotton or linen.

2. Make sure to condition your boots. Using an appropriate conditioner will help keep the leather soft and moisturize it properly. If you live in an arid climate you may need to condition your boots more often. You need to check with the boot manufacturer to see what type of conditioner they recommend. Apply the conditioner with a soft cloth, let is set for several minutes, then wipe it off. Doing this will make your boots last much longer and look nicer.

3. Use polish on your boots to protect them and keep them looking nice. When you use shoe polish take proper measures and use gloves and some of these products many be toxic. The best way to polish your boots is take them to a shoe repair shop and have them do it. They will know exactly what type of polish to use. Some alternatives to shoe polish are olive oil, walnut oil, or the inside of a banana peel. After applying the polish buff it dry with a soft cloth.

4. Use an appropriate weather proofer and preservant. For some types of boots you can use bees wax products to protect your boots. These products provide a high level of protection and form a protective layer and moisture barrier on the leather. Other types of leather like suede will need a spray on type of product to preserve and protect. If you are not sure, take your boots to your local shoe shop and ask what they recommend.

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