Creating and Editing PDF Files for Free

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PDF files are a handy way to share documents. Not only are they small and easy to email, they also preserve document formatting no matter the operating system. Unfortunately, they're not as easy to create and edit as a Word document. And, you can spend hundreds of dollars on PDF software. But, things are changing.? These tips will help get you up and going with PDF software--it doesn't matter if you're using Adobe Acrobat or free PDF software.

1. Download a Free Add-In to Create PDFs in Word 2007

If you're using Word 2007, you can create PDF files directly from Word. This is great if you're looking for a fast and easy way to save a document as a PDF. You'll have to download a free add-in from Microsoft to get started. Learn how to get the free PDF add-in and create your first PDF from Word!More »

2. Creating a PDF in Mac OS X

Most people don't realize that Mac OS X includes the ability to create PDF files. You don't need any additional software to create a PDF. And you can use virtually any document on your machine as the basis for your PDF. Best of all, you can also create PDFs from paper documents that you scan in using your scanner.More »

3. Create a PDF From a File in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the gold standard in PDF-creation software. It is expensive, but it's worth the price, particularly if you're in a business environment and need a complete solution for working with PDF files. Learn how to turn a document on your computer into a PDF files using Adobe Acrobat.More »

4. Scan Papers to PDF in Adobe Acrobat

The paperless office has long been a dream for many people. Thanks to Adobe Acrobat, you can cut down on the paper in your home or office without much fuss. Acrobat will turn printed documents into digital files that you can search. Find out how easy it is to get starting turning paper into PDFs!More »

5. Convert a PDF to an Editable PDF Document for Free

It's relatively easy to create PDFs. You have a lot of options when it comes to PDF-creation software. And many of your options are free. Things are different when it comes time to edit a PDF file. Your options are much more limited. Fortunately, there is an easy, free way to turn your PDFs into editable files. Learn what software you need to do make a PDF editable.More »
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