Professional Advice On The Benefits Of Load On The Heart

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Some researchers argue that in the 20th century, physical activity decreased by 50 times, compared with previous centuries. If you look, you can come to the conclusion that in this statement is almost no exaggeration. Physical stress does not add to health, but also lack of exercise is harmful for the body. Physical training is an important aspect in the prevention of accelerated aging. Swedish researchers say that their country skiers live on average 4 years longer than other people.
The main benefit of exercise is due to the following: - According to statistics, two-thirds of all deaths due to diseases of the circulatory system, with heart problems do not occupy the last place. That exercise is the best means of preventing such pathologies. - Exercise increases the body's resistance to the action of a number of different adverse factors. In special studies conducted in humans have shown that exercise increases immunobiological properties of blood and skin, as well as resistance to certain infectious diseases.

- If there is the influence of muscular activity the working muscles to internal organs. This provides an optimum metabolic rate (metabolism), increased the activity of enzyme systems are more economical use of oxygen. - Stress has on the body strong destructive action>>> Physical activity has a strong anti-stress effect. It is important that the extension of life, first and foremost, you need training for HEART (endurance). It is strong and healthy heart and circulatory system requires a person to a long and fulfilling life. Any fatigue is not caused by increased and prolonged palpitations no significant training effect on cardiac muscle. Incidentally, endurance - is a function that is amenable to training better than others, followed by power, and worst of all trains speed.

Therefore, strengthen your heart muscle is not so difficult, and this does not necessarily engage in some kind of sport professionally. Well, if your heart is to start as it should, knocking an average of 30 minutes a day. Not necessarily be allocated to these exercises, some special time. If you're going to or from work, you can simply withdraw from public transport a few stops earlier and made his way to the house very fast pace. Or you can get the exercise bike. Incidentally, in recent years have become specialists recommend more use of bikes instead of just walking or running, because it helps preserve the joints.

Most people have the sense to stop using the elevator. If you live high enough, then by itself rise to the stairs will be a good workout. Only drawback here is that the duration of the load is small and confined to her is not worth it. The volume load, which was discussed above, should be considered the minimum necessary. People are also more strongly tuned and we can recommend a much larger volume loads. For example, brisk walking can be replaced by a run. Duration of load increase of up to one hour. The first time load may seem too big. You'll probably feel discomfort, and to overcome them will have to make some strong-willed efforts. All this is normal for malotrenirovannogo body. However, soon moving activity will bring you pleasure. Main initially strongly overwork, and fully recover before starting the next exercise. The fact is that during severe stress in those cells, which drops the main work, there are destructive processes.

On a subjective level the person feels tired. After graduating from the physical effects in fatigued cells begin the recovery process. However, nature would have it, the body's functions are restored by a large amount, than collapsed. A so-called sverhvosstanovlenie (see fig.) Thus, if each subsequent training is conducted at the highest lift forces, the results will grow. If the deal before the body time to recover, we can develop a state of chronic fatigue. If the load is too small and significant fatigue did not happen, and sverhvosstanovleniya not occur. Upon completion of training, you should feel easy, pleasant tiredness. At the initial stage, a day or two usually occurs a burst of energy. If you feel a surge of strength immediately after exercise, and in the next few days comes the usual condition, it will most likely need to increase the load. If in the next few days after a workout you, on the contrary, feel very tired, lethargic, not wanting to deal with, and a burst of energy occurs in the fifth - the seventh day, or it does not occur, it is obvious that the burden should be reduced. Conclusion: each subsequent workout should be performed at the highest lift forces. The best effect, apparently, will give a combination of periodic training with the method of Churchill ie, between workouts is plenty of rest. For an objective test of your achievement can be modified to take the pulse at rest. In normal human heart is working at 60 - 70 beats per minute.

A person completely trained heart makes in a minute more cuts. Everything is different from well-trained people who regularly perform physical exercise. Number of heart beats per minute they can be 50, 40 or less. In this case, efficiency of the heart muscle is significantly higher than usual, "wear out" is the heart, much slower. At first decline in heart rate at rest and, consequently, increasing the fitness of the organism and the circulatory system, will take place relatively quickly. It is possible that after the first lesson pulse gradually fall on one or two notches below normal. However, over time increase the performance of fitness will be harder. After some time you will have to train a few weeks or even months to reduce the rate of heart rate at rest for at least one unit. Then you can decide if you have time and desire to further increase the burden or not. By the way speaking, helpful and gymnastics for the mind. It is noticed that people are actively thinking in old age are much less susceptible to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. After some time, many begin training fun. T

hrough physical activity significantly increases the tone and quality of life. Exercise improve health, improve metabolism. Allow us to strengthen the heart and muscles, helps prevent many diseases (cancer, heart, infectious diseases, etc.). Increase the body's resistance to a large number of adverse factors (industrial poisons, radiation, etc.), improve immunity, possess anti-stress effect, enhance sexual performance and sensation, improve sleep, make a person alert and cheerful, increases mental and physical performance. All these effects contribute to the improvement of an organism and a marked increase in life expectancy.
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