Submitting Books to Reviewers and Bloggers

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One of the scariest parts of writing a book is when it come time to submit it for review.
It can be an ominous task, pressing the send button on a query to a reviewer.
It can be very disappointing when they say they aren't interested, but it is also gratifying when someone accepts.
This post will be about the general query process, and what an author or their representative can expect.
There is a general pattern of events that can be expected when looking for book reviews.
The first is to find a website or print publication that reviews genres your book falls into.
It will do nothing but waste time to submit your book to random reviewers who may not work on your genre of book.
Once you've found a compatible website, it's time to check the reviewer's guidelines.
Most reviewers will have a set way they would like you to ask them to review their books.
If you want to have a chance of being considered, it's important to follow those directions to the letter.
Once you've tailored your query to the reviewer's guidelines, and send it, there's nothing to do but wait.
Every reviewer will have different response times, so find and query more! At this point, one of three things can happen.
The first is the reviewer responds, and accepts your query.
Of course this is the desired outcome! Option two is the reviewer responds, and declines your query.
Shrug it off and find another.
Third is never receiving a response.
More likely than not this means your query was not accepted.
Shrug it off and find another.
Remember that you are not alone in this battle either.
Some sleuthing around the internet will uncover places for you to query, and as long as you keep searching, you'll keep finding more.
There are also collectives, paid services, and many other ways to get reviews.
Be cautious in your ventures though.
Everything is not always what it appears to be.
Reaching out for reviews is definitely one of the more daunting aspects of book marketing.
Most of the reviewers are going to post their honest opinion, even if that's a single star review.
Prepare yourself for those, because there are probably people out there who won't like any given book.
Some aren't very shy about sharing that either.
Reviews can be an enormous help in generating sales though, and they are a must-use marketing strategy for any author.
Treat each query seriously, and always be as professional as possible.
If you think you're being too polite, then you are on the right track.
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