Voice Over Auditions

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A little like dancer auditions or try outs for plays and shows, voice over auditions work in the same way.
An ad agency will call upon a few voices from powerful directory sites like Radio Talent or voice over agents such as Hobson's International and ask the companies to suggest a few candidates.
The agency will provide a brief and the number of artists they want to see, or in this case hear, and then they will invite them all to record the same commercial or piece over a series of dates.
This is how commercial voices are found Normally then the producers will create dummy final versions using all of the voices that have been chosen and play them to the brand or client who requires the voice.
Most often and unlike the earlier mentioned types of auditions the artist will be paid in full for auditioning.
This is a costly exercise for the client but does ensure that they get the right person.
Most often each voice over agency will send approximately 2 voices - noting that in London, UK alone there are 20 or 30 voice over agencies.
For artists working as a voice, getting an audition is an exciting prospect, because as the term suggests they may get picked for the overall job and make considerably large amounts of money.
Auditions in this way should be treated carefully you should never audition unless an official agent or the ad agency have asked you to.
This is normally because some people ask you to demo some work and end up using it without your approval and without paying you.
Not all auditions are of course paid.
There may be a casting call for example for a new type of product and they may hold what is known as open auditions, this will be the same as normal performance auditions only without a fee.
Again this is rare but sometimes is possible.
We have certainly seen children's casting being carried out this way where clients and talent scouts will visit schools for voice over auditions.
Without having a voice over agent it is unlikely you will attend an audition but perhaps if you were a member of a voice over library for example you might be asked for a sample, which is a reasonable and expected request.
When attending your first voice over audition you can expect a whole lot of nerves...
so be ready!
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