What You Need to Make Sure You Don"t Forget When Planning For Travels At the Last Minute

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Start by making a spreadsheet or a list, this will prove really valuable not only for the moment, but for the future.
Taking the time to figure this list when you are not combated with the rush of planning a trip helps so that you can be clear and precise with what it is that you must take for your trip.
When you are clear, not rushed, you remember the most important items; the items you would use on a regular basis such as underclothing, toiletries, general clothing that you would use, pants, shirts, business attire, clothing for any special occasion.
Take this time now to sit down and figure out what items you might travel with the most.
Think logically in a systematized manner.
Start with your head and move toward your feet.
Think of what it is that you would need starting with your eyes, like eye-ware; contacts & solutions or glasses, do you have a spare, or would you need to take a spare? Do you need any items for you ears; bringing ear plugs if you are unable to get water into your ears, or q-tips to keep your ears clean.
Do you have issues with sinus or need nasal sprays? What about mouth issues requiring mouth guards or c-pap machines, or retainers with cases, what about wax for those emergency cases with braces, to help keep sores from occurring if you are unable to get to a medical person right away? Then there is the issue of making sure you have the proper clothing.
A general list of things that you know you would need like undergarments and bedtime clothing.
What about a general list of items that you know you would use any day like shirts, pants, dresses, skirts.
When you get ready to actually go on a trip you can then decide what specific clothing would best suit you for that trip.
You would also be able to determine how many of the articles of clothing you would need based on the time you are planning on spending away.
Think about what other items you might like to take.
Things to keep you entertained, like books, iPod, games, snacks, etc.
Do you need to bring a camera, or your phone.
What about your computer? Are you renting a car when you get to your destination and do you need to bring along a GPS or do you want to rent one from the car rental place? Remember to list electrical cords that would be used for any electronics that you are planning on taking.
NOW comes the BEST part of all.
When you have constructed this general list and you have it either in a notebook or on a spreadsheet, it becomes really easy when you have to pack and are pressed for time.
Being familiar with your list makes it easy to put a suitcase together in a short amount of time and you can be assured that you remember the most important things.
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