Sex Crime Lawyer Cape Coral Leads The Charge In Sex Crime Defense

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Unfortunately, sex crimes in Florida occur all too often, and in some cases, people are the victim of a false accusation, misinterpretation, or even fall victim to someone jumping to conclusions. Even an accusation of any type of sex crime can destroy your reputation in your community, and have an adverse effect on every aspect of your life forever. This is an extremely stressful situation, which is why if you ever find yourself in this type of predicament, it is vital that you contact an experienced Sex Crime Lawyer Cape Coral immediately following any allegation, charge or conviction of any type of crime. The most experienced Crime lawyer Fort Myers will be able to provide you with the aggressive and highly detailed representation you need for all type of crimes, including child pornography, sexual battery, rape, distribution or sale of child pornography, sexual battery against a child, lewd and lascivious conduct and sexual assault.

A knowledgeable sex crime lawyer Cape Coral will know that they need to look at the motives of every complaining witness, as well as thoroughly investigate if the police acted appropriately throughout their investigation. It is vital that an experienced attorney take the time to look at every bit of evidence in your case, providing you the extensive counsel that you need to help fight for your future and your freedom. Under Florida law, you could face up to five years in prison for having one sexually suggestive or explicit image of any individual is under the age of 18 on your computer, which is known as possession of child pornography. More than one image can mean multiple charges, which is why you need the most experienced sex crime lawyer Fort Myers you can find, to understand the difference between jumping to conclusions and help to bridge the extraordinary gap between law, law enforcement and technology.

In some cases, having a photo of a minor in a sexually suggestive or explicit manner on your computer, could simply be an unintentional visiting of a website, being victimized by spam or malware, or having illegal material on the computer that you did not know about. In other cases, many people fall victim to entrapment by law enforcement officers, because they are on the Internet posing as young children, but no crime actually occurred. Even still, an individual could be charged with solicitation, lewd conduct, luring and other sexual offenses. Regardless of the sex crime that you have been accused or convicted of, it is vital that you contact and experienced and knowledgeable crime lawyer to help you. With their familiarity and understanding of federal and Florida state court rules and procedures, they will work with you side-by-side to prove that you did not commit an illegal act with intent, providing you the most tenacious opportunity to succeed in getting your charges dismissed or a trial acquittal.
When you are ready to stand up and fight for your rights, your freedom and your future, contact an experienced sex crime attorney today.
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