How To Avoid Frauds While Shopping For Your Diamond Wedding Rings

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Unless you are a diamond dealer, chances are that you will own very few diamond jewelry.
In fact in all probability you would go to shop for diamonds only when you are buying diamond wedding rings.
In this case it is quite normal for you to be apprehensive, since there are a number of scams involving the diamonds.
How do you ensure that the dealer you are buying your diamond wedding rings is not over charging you? Well there are many ways to ensure that you do not fall victim to scams.
You just need to keep your eyes open.
First of all be aware of the four Cs of the diamond.
They are cut, carats, clarity and color.
Find out what each is and how you can ensure that the dealer is not ripping you off.
In fact you will get the basic information that you need from the internet itself.
Cut is the design or shape the diamond has been cut into and the number of faces that it sports.
Color is how colorless a diamond is, D being the ideal situation.
Carat is the weight of the diamond.
Clarity is how much of the light the stone absorbs and how much it reflects.
Whiling making the purchase of the diamond wedding rings, make sure your jeweler has a certificate ready for the diamond.
It is even better if the certificate is from an independent lab.
Judging a diamond from the lighting in a jewelry store is not a very wise thing to do.
Often lighting in a jewelry store is quite misleading.
That is why getting the certificate is quite necessary.
In case your jeweler is talking of the weight of the diamond in terms of fractions, do not fall for it.
It is just a way to confuse a buyer with figures.
In case the jeweler mentions blue white diamond, do not fall for it.
There is no such thing as a blue white diamond.
It is just a fraud tactic.
Be careful while getting your diamond wedding rings.
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