The World of Warcraft Cooking Guide

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Cooking is a great way to earn cash in WoW and it is also one of the more enjoyable professions in my opinion.
In this guide I am going to give you a few pointers to improve your cooking skills and in more importantly, make a nice amount of gold.
As you start WoW you'll be in a small "sub-zone".
In this area you can't start your cooking trade so just focus on saving a little money.
Once you reach level 5 you can start your cooking profession.
When you're ready to move out of the starting area, talk to the guard and follow his instructions to the cooking trainer.
Your first recipe will be spice bread.
If you have the money, buy the ingredient you need from a cooking supplier and make the bread till its green colored.
If you decide to go and quest you may be able to find some of the items you need for cooking.
If you come across any meat, eggs, or other cooking ingredients, hang onto them - you'll save yourself money.
Another tip, when talking with NPC characters, always look through all of the items that they have as you can sometimes stumble upon rare recipes that you don't have.
One of the possible achievements in WoW is based on the number of recipes you have (and know how to use) - this is an easy way to get them.
If you start accumulating too many ingredients, sell them in the Auction House and make a little coin, avoid throwing them away.
The most lucrative foods to cook are those that give boosts to your stats.
Not all sell well but some do.
Stick at cooking and you'll eventually be able to make some decent gold with it.
When choosing your professions, I suggest that you consider fishing as a pairing with cooking.
They go very well together and when used properly can make serious amounts of gold.
Fishing also has achievements associated with it.
Make the most out of cooking.
Use the boosting foods to your advantage and restore your hit points through eating your own meals.
Sell in demand foods for gold in the AH and couple Cooking with the fishing profession for maximum profit.
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