Step By Step Guide To An SMS Campaign

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SMS is good for:
#short lead times and immediacy
Cost effective communication or custom
No ongoing relationship 1-1
#Automatic data capture and compliance
# the direct revenue and options for raising
Basic rules for SMS
In addition, permission has five key elements that distinguish the SMS marketing from traditional marketing. These are also the key success factors for its use. At least two factors are required for a successful campaign.
You need permission, plus:
1: Score
2: Location
3: Time
4: Value Added
5: Interactive
Step 1: campaign planning
# Why did you communicate over the phone?
# What will you achieve?
Promo Plan:
# What is the definition of your offer?
# How do you say?
# When should it be sent?
# What are targeting you?
# Is it a viral marketing opportunity?
Or Do you want to cap the answers?
Or post-reception systems, it comes with the volume?
Step 2: Create Campaign
Some SMS service providers allow you to create, test and track your campaign you base your Web browser. This can be very useful for touch campaigns, such as event notifications, the requested information (results, account information), "Show this message to a free .." campaign style, staff emos, etc. But the most complex of the campaign, the more likely you will need professional help in both planning and execution of the campaign.
Step 3: Copywriting
# You only have 160 characters to use them wisely
# Be aware of the limitations of different screens
Or have a staff (media may be invasive)
# target
# speak the same language as your customers
Or LRN txt SPK-market, especially for young people
# Use a text writer
Step 4: Test, test and test again ..
# Test campaign on the screens
# Test different networks (eg Vodafone, Orange)
# Check to see if appropriate responses are sent, etc.
No, if it is competitive, the plan for an unusual answers / wrong, and should respond to the spot.
Or test language, typos and techniques (not all symbols come out as expected).
Step 5: Measuring and Monitoring
Some of the indicators that can be used to measure the success of the campaign are:
O# Open courses
# foot traffic (on the site, etc.)
O Offer Approval
Replies O
or redemption fees
Or consciousness...
# Use it as an automated data entry
Or consider the timing
Or try different approaches
# Operate "land grab" opportunities using SMS, before your competitors.
# Use only opt-in and opt-out offer the road (the more automated the better)
Or Identify
Common mistakes:
or misdirection and relevance
or No to identify the sender
# Poor copywriting
Target audience or difficult to mismanage / message
# Messages that are sent at the wrong time
# Do not allow recipients to unsubscribe
O Typos
No customization or
# Inability to systems / customer service, manage the response
OR This is an important marketing tool, and is here to stay
OR experience is not the technology
O Plan ahead to make things right
Be creative with the campaign or
# Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) is
Kath Pay is Marketing Director Ismail, a web-based tool that allows electronic communications to create, send and monitor email marketing campaigns and SMS.

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