Benefits of Pet Doors

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    • Pet doors offer a variety of benefits to a pet owner, such as convenience, pet safety and less property damage. They can be relatively inexpensive and easy to install and may not need an additional power source to operate. Doors are available in different sizes and can operate by a microchip in the pet's collar, as well as magnetically. This allows the door to lock and unlock automatically, which eliminates visits from unwanted guests.


    • Some pets, especially indoor-outdoor cats, are known for their insistence on wanting to enter and exit the house on a repeated basis, which can cause aggravation to the owner. A pet door allows the pet to come and go as it pleases without any effort on the owner's part. This can be especially beneficial during the colder winter months when the pet may want to enter the house in the middle of the night to seek warmth.

    Health and Safety

    • Pets can get into trouble while they're out and about. A larger dog may chase your cat, causing it to need to seek a safe haven, which can be afforded by easy access through a pet door. Dogs may be tormented by neighborhood children or by neighbors who don't want them on their property, and may also need to seek refuge quickly. A pet door also ensures the pet always has access to its food, which may reduce its desire to seek other unhealthy or even dangerous food sources it comes across while outdoors. In situations where pets are home alone, they can easily escape possible tragedy of a house fire.

    Less Property Damage

    • Pets that are stuck indoors all day without access to the outside may become bored, resulting in their causing damage to the inside of the home. Cats may claw furniture and dogs might chew on shoes or other objects. Pet doors allow the animals to go outside when they have the urge to play or burn off energy, which may decrease the desire to cause destruction indoors. With dogs, it also eliminates the worry of an accident caused by the owner not making it home in time to let it outside to answer nature's call.

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