Home 101 - Do I Need Renter"s Insurance Or Homeowners?

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The answer to that is pretty simple- if you are renting, you need renter's insurance, if you own your home, you need homeowners insurance.
This sounds like an oversimplification but it isn't.
In order to understand why renter's insurance is so important, let's have a look at just what renter's insurance is, first.
If you are robbed, or if there is some sort of storm that causes property damage- the landlord's policy will likely only take care of the property itself, not the loss of your things.
You have likely invested a great deal of money in either your home office, your entertainment center, and your other property and like anything else- you need to protect that in the event of a loss.
In the case of rental properties, sometimes this loss has really nothing to do with anything that you have any control over.
A good renter's insurance policy will have a few parts to it.
These parts are: liability protection, which will protect you in the event of someone being injured on the property, or in your apartment or home in the way of legal representation in case of a judgment and guest medical protection, which will cover medical costs for guests that are injured in your home.
In addition to these, it will also cover personal property protection- that is, the loss of your things, and additional living expenses, should your landlord's policy not cover a place to stay if something happens to the building itself and you have to relocate for a time.
There are usually several areas where this can be customized.
Firstly, in combining your policies- say your renter's insurance and auto, or possibly installing security devices, you can usually save some money on renter's insurance.
Also though, consider replacement coverage to replace lost items at full purchase price and a high value coverage addition in order to go above and beyond what your initial protection may cover for items that are more costly.
Also, bear in mind location is important.
If you live in an area that is prone to floods or flooding is a big risk, you may want to consider purchasing additional coverage for that purpose.
On the whole, renters insurance is just as important as a homeowners policy- you may not be covering a home that you actually own, but you do cover those things which you do own.
This is often a vital thing for those who aren't ready to purchase a home yet or those that for whatever reason have decided that they do not wish to buy a home.
Being able to protect your property in the even of something happening is still very important and there are still ways that you can do this.
Purchasing renters insurance as needed and combining features for the best possible protection can keep you safe in the event of unforeseen circumstance occurring and causing losses.
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