The Management of Quality - A Quantifiable Must

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What does it cost a company to maintain and manage quality? Well, a lot less than a company that doesn't.
You see poor quality detracts from your brand, makes customers angry and costs you in returns and re-dos.
Personally, I do not believe anyone should manage a company until they learn about quality and thus, let me recommend a couple of really good books on this subject by Philip Crosby: "The Eternally Successful Organization" by Phillip B.
Crosby - 1988 "A new business philosophy from the Author's of Quality is Free, the book that led America's Quality Revolution.
The author asks the reader to consider the following questions:
  • 1.
    Is it possible run a business that can last forever?
  • 2.
    Can businesses like people, become self-destructive?
  • 3.
    Can corporate health lead to longer business life?
  • 4.
    Is there hope for a sick business?
This book is very good with good comic relief to keep the pace flowing.
It is about a two-night read and well worth it.
I consider this book a predecessor to the book "Built to Last" by Collins and a work that help lead to the take off of the entire TQM craze of the 90s.
Crosby discusses building a cult like, prideful atmosphere around quality.
How to embrace change, promote growth and most of all how to do it right the first time.
"Quality Without Tears - The Art of Hassle Free Management" by Philip B.
Crosby - 1984 This is one of Crosby's many books on the subject of management and one of the first big ones.
I recommend this, because it helps refine what he had been saying in the beginning, in an understandable tone and sets the ground work for his many other popular books on inter-related subjects.
He discusses how to design quality control, measure it, better it and explains how much you will save in the long-run and how it will increase brand and profit, and not cost anything in the end.
No pain, all gain.
Again, Quality is a serious component of your company and it is a quantifiable must.
If you fail to maintain your quality, your brand, customer base and profits will deteriorate.
Please read up on what it takes to manage quality and run the company so it does not run you out of business.
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