How to Repair an RV Tire

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    • 1). Raise the wheel off of the ground with a jack placed beneath the axle. Place chock blocks in front of and behind the other wheels remaining on the ground.

    • 2). Spin the tire until you see the obstruction. Remove the obstruction, using pliers if necessary.

    • 3). Insert the repair kit's probe into the hole, and pull it in and out a few times to clean the hole. Dip the probe in the included lubricant bottle and push the lubricant through the hole with the probe.

    • 4). Place an adhesive plug into the closed-eye hook included in the repair kit. Push the plug entirely through the hole, and back it out of the hole about halfway. Cut the plug about one-quarter inch from the surface of the tire with wire cutters.

    • 5). Inflate the tire to factory recommendations. Monitor the plug for signs of leaks. Repeat the process with two plugs if you notice a leak. Lower the vehicle and remove the jack and chock blocks.

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