How to Use Persil

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    • 1). Test delicate garments for colorfastness by making a paste with water and Persil Handwash. Apply a small amount to a hidden area of the garment. Let it sit overnight, then rinse off the paste. If the color has faded, the item isn't colorfast and should be washed separately.

    • 2). Hand-wash delicates in Persil Handwash. Mix 100 ml thoroughly in 1 liter of cool to lukewarm water. Wash each item and rinse. Don't soak garments.

    • 3). Use Persil Silk & Wool in a washing machine to wash delicate wools. Set your washing machine to the delicate cycle. Check garment washing instructions to make sure they're machine washable. Persil Silk & Wool is pH-neutral.

    • 4). Use Persil Colour Care on colored fabrics in your regular wash cycle. This formula, available in liquigel, capsules, powder and gel tablets, includes color protectors but cleans like a regular detergent.

    • 5). Launder baby clothes in Persil Non-Bio. This product has been tested by dermatologists at the British Skin Foundation. It's available in tablets, as a powder, liquigel and capsules.

    • 6). Use Persil Aloe Vera (Persil Non-Bio combined with aloe vera) if you or family members have delicate skin. Available in liquigel, powder, tablets and concentrate, this product has been tested by dermatologists.

    • 7). Do regular wash in Persil's Bio formula. Most stains don't need pre-treating.

    • 8). Clean your laundry and add softness using Persil with Freshness of Comfort. It's available in tablets and concentrate.

    • 9). Wash your dishes with Persil Washing Up Liquid. The liquid includes a degreaser suitable for pots and pans. The mild formula is easy on your hands.

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