Think you"re Starving for Results?

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This is something I learned from a guy in Louisiana. I worked with him in a different business way back when...

I learned a ton from this guy whether he knew it or's too bad he is not successful in business yet, because he really has some good insight.

I brought it up that you need to want success...want a business that will earn you profits.

We spoke of hobbies, and how we need to treat our business like a business! and how a hobby never pays the bills, they only cost money.


It all comes back to having that "dream" or a reason why. But it's more than that...

It's hunger; you need to be hungry. Be starving for success. You know when you can't focus on anything else except that need to eat? You start getting the shakes and you need it. Now bring that feeling and transfer it to your business.

So you need to be hungry. And the insight that this young guy had was a one liner, and picture this in a Louisiana accent; "well there are times you could eat...but you are not necessarily 'hungry'." well how huge is that?!?

I say it all the time, that I learn from you guys as much as you learn from me! That was one of those AHA moments.

Of course, we could all eat a little bit of success, but are we hungry?

So, now every time I look at my business and think to myself "it's just not growing as fast as I want" (which, if you are like me, is never fast enough). I need to ask, "am I still hungry?" And every single time I can answer no. I have become comfortable where I am at.

This brings me to another quote. "Success is found outside our comfort zone." Think about that! If you want to be better than you are now, you need to look beyond yourself and expand. Whether it be physically, mentally, spiritually or financially. You need to stretch yourself beyond where you are now.

So if you are having a tough time getting into action; you look at yourself in the mirror and ask if you just need a bite of success, or if you want the 5 course meal!

Then just go for it, make it happen, do not turn back and never let any one steal your dream. It was yoru dream it was given to you and you can achieve it!

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