How to Build an Outdoor Jacuzzi Frame

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    • 1). Measure the outer edge of the Jacuzzi bowl. Most should be square-shaped. Trace the outline of the Jacuzzi's perimeter to the area where you will place your hot tub with chalk. This will provide a reference point.

    • 2). Place 2x4 planks over the chalk line and cut these so the insides of the plank edges line up perfectly with the line. It will require four planks and they will all be the same size if the Jacuzzi is a perfect square. Nail the planks together where they meet to create a wooden square.

    • 3). Cut more 2x4 planks into studs that are approximately the height of the Jacuzzi from the bottom of the bowl to the top minus four inches to accommodate for the width of the two 2x4s that serve as the base and top of the frame, respectively. Hammer these studs in vertically every 16 inches along the wooden square. At this point, you should have a square base lined with vertical studs.

    • 4). Lay planks over the vertical studs to create the top of the frame and hammer them in. You should now have a complete square frame with a base, studs and a top. Test the frame by putting your Jacuzzi bowl within it. It should rest properly within the frame and the edges of the tub should be supported comfortably by the top of the frame.

    • 5). Coat the frame with polyurethane wood sealant and let it sit for a few hours. The sealant will prevent mold, mildew and rotting from occurring.

    • 6). Have a plumber install the hot tub's plumbing and test it. Lay wood paneling over the frame when the plumbing has been thoroughly installed and tested. Place the paneling on each side of the frame and screw it into the studs. You may need to create holes for plumbing fixtures or put one panel on a hinge so it can be opened when you must access the Jacuzzi's bowl or internal plumbing fixtures.

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