How to Throw a Bridal Shower

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    • 1). You'll first need to decide if the bridal shower is going to be a surprise or not. If it's not, it will be easier to plan. If it is a surprise it may be more fun to plan. Make sure you take the bride's wishes into consideration. If she really wants to help with the planning or hates surprises then let her in on it. Some brides want to know when their wedding shower is so they don't show up in sweatpants and without a shower.

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      Draw up a preliminary guest list. Consider whether anyone else is throwing a bridal shower. This will help you determine if you should invite co-workers, neighbors, out of town guests and the groom's female family members. Make sure to only invite guests who are invited to the wedding.

    • 3). After you have the guest list drawn up you'll be able to figure out if you can have the party at someone's house or if there will be so many guests that you need to rent a hall or restaurant. The guest list will also help you decide how much food you'll need.

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      Pick a date. Remember if the bride knows about the bridal shower you should consult her first to make sure she and her closest family and friends, along with the bridesmaids, can all make it. If the bridal shower is a surprise come up with a scheme to get the bride there. You could pretend to invite her to a made up event for someone else. Or you could have a friend invite her for lunch at the restaurant (if you do this, don't invite her more than a week ahead of time, or it may seem obvious).

    • 5). Come up with a theme for the shower. If the bride likes to cook send out blank recipe cards with the invitations asking guests to share their favorite recipe. Then get a recipe box and collect the cards at the shower for the bride. You could also make a wishing well and assign each guest to bring a small, inexpensive cooking gadget to fill the wishing well. This is a great way for the bride and groom to stock their kitchen. See the link in the Resources Section below for how to make a bridal shower wishing well.

    • 6). If you want to do bridal shower games pick a few! Don't overdo the games, guests may get annoyed if games drag on too long. You could make a quiz about the bride and groom. Another fun game is shower gift bingo. Hand out a blank bingo board and ask guests to fill in each box with a gift they think the bride will receive. As the bride opens the gifts, guests mark the corresponding boxes. The first guest with a complete row wins. Make sure you pick up a few door prizes for the winners. Candles, wristlets, wine, blank stationary and small picture frames are always popular as bridal shower door prizes.

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