Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care

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In strolling and wandering around your neighborhood, chances are you will find yourself amused at green, fresh and well kept lawns. However, to mow a lawn is not just to simply cut the grass, essential factors are to be carefully implemented so as to achieve an astonishing piece of property.

Mowing is a general practicein lawn upkeep and the most recurrently used lawn care [] operation. The landowner can pay someone to do the lawn mowing or a better alternative is to do his own mowing. In order to care for and maintain a lawn, several factor are to be considered.

Grass height is the first factor. Grasses are not simply cut if they are tall. A great, or maybe just a good mower should know that grasses, will not survive long enough when cut too short. Because grasses are also plants, which must undergo photosynthesis for survival, Consequently when sheared too shortly, deficient amount of leave is left to the grass for photosynthesis. If incised at a suitable tallness, |the grass becomes lenient to environmental stress and immune to weed growth invasion|grasses result to being adjusted and immune to environmental stress andweed growth|the turf develops immunity to stress and weed growth}. Besides, properly cut grasses are known to be stronger and more productive. A height of 2 to 3 inches is desirable for lawns.

Inappropriate mowing frequency could also add stress to the grass. Mowing frequency is dependent on how fast your lawn grows. It is important not to sever more than one third of the grass shoot at each mowing. If for any reason the turf has excessively grown, it is not a good idea tocut the excess all at once as it may cause severe defoliation for the grass. Thus, it is prudent to carry out the cutting more often than scheduled Until there's only a 3-inch height left of the grass height.

Clippings are parts of the grass which are cut during mowing. Should there be excessive amount of grass brought about by infrequent mowing, it is then unsightly if the clippings are strewn across the lawn. Save for a frequent mowing, it is fine to just leave behind the clippings on the ground instead of raking up or bagging to remove them. Not only is leaving the clippings on the ground practical for such scenarios, but is also of the advantage on the health of the grass. How? If clipping are left on the lawn, Nitrogen and other nutrients in these clippings are returned to the soil, acting as organic fertilizers.

The last direction of cutting must be known to do the current mowing opposite that direction. This will make the grass grow at perpendicular angles and minimize horizontal grass orientationThis action provides for the perpendicular growth of the grass.

To cap off, the equipment to use for mowing is to be considered. Always be reminded that in buying a mower, one has to pick an equipment which would best suit his mowing needs and requirements. It is also important that the shopper knows the specification of each mower}.

Rotary and Reel mowers are the two basic types of mowing equipments. The reel mower is economical because it has no engine. It is operated by hand, environment-friendly and just right for {small lawns|small sized lawns|lawns with lesser space. The rotary mowers, in contrast are operated with gas or electricity fueled engines.
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