How to Repair Zoom Binoculars

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    • 1). Go over the entire outer cover of the binoculars. Look at the hard rubber, particularly around the ends where the lens caps fit and at any dial or lever, for cracks or gaps between the cover and the optic barrels.

    • 2). Apply clear super adhesive to the cracks or gaps. Use a cotton swab to get the adhesive under the gaps. Push the gap down with a finger until the glue sets and the gap is closed.

    • 3). Unscrew any dial or lever from the optics. Dip the end of a cotton swab into degreaser and wipe off the threads on the screws and on the holes. Add lubricant to the threads and hole. Screw the dials and levers back on. Press or spin them to test the lubricant and work it into the mechanisms.

    • 4). Squirt lens cleaner onto the non-abrasive cloth and clean the lenses on the binoculars. Go all around the edges to make sure any grime on the lens edges is removed.

    • 5). Blow off any further dust particles from the lenses and hard shell using a can of compressed air.

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