A Beginner" s Guide To Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing is blowing up in popularity as the hot new way to make money on the internet. It's becoming so popular due to the fact that it lets people earn extra money on the side if they so choose to, and it even enables some people to make a full time living online if they learn the process well enough. And despite what you may have heard, it can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be! Let me introduce you into the world of affiliate marketing and show you that it can be simple and maybe even a bit fun if
you're into that sort of computer nerdy type thing.

The term of affiliate marketing is so surprisingly simple even though it may seem a little complicated at first. In layman's terms all it means is that you are selling a company's products, and in exchange for your salesmanship, they are going to give you a nice little compensation. Not the big, bad monster we though it was just ten seconds ago, right?

The natural progression of things usually leads to people asking how they're supposed to sell this stuff. Well hold your horses Tonto, let's bring up an even better question first; what is it that you want to sell? Even better, how do we know what companies want us to sell their stuff? This is what really trips people out, most every company online has an affiliate program that people can openly join. Amazon? Yep. Ebay? Check. Moe's Texas Style 100% Authentic Cowboy Boots? Definitely. Let's give it a whirl. Go check out your favorite online retailer and search their website for a link for affiliates. Once you find the page, you should read through their terms and make sure you find out what kind of commission they offer on products that you would want to promote. Some websites offer great commission percentages, and others don't, so do your research!

Now that we've got our product of choice selected, let's move on! This is the best part, we now have to get inside people's heads on why they should really buy this product. What's going to happen now is we need to write an article that gets people emotionally involved with your product. The better your writing skills are, the bigger your income with this project will be. At this point, head on over to Yahoo or Google and do a search for article directories, and then proceed to submit your article to these websites who publish it for tons of people to see. If you feel extra ambitious, submit to a bunch, increasing your chances of making money. Seriously, the more you submit to the better! You should notice a section of each submission form called the resource box. This is where you want to put your affiliate link for the product so they know how to get to it and you still get credit for the sale.

Was this so terrible? Not even close! What you have completed is referred to as article marketing, good job! This is a proven method of making some cash without a huge time investment, and once a person gets it nailed down can have awesome results. Its my hope that this helps a few people get into affiliate marketing.
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