The Secret Food That Increase Metabolism and Burn Fat

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Let me ask you a simple question: You want to lose weight clearly, but do you have trouble finding the right food to increase metabolism? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. I started out many years ago like you wanting to lose weight but I had trouble finding the perfect diet for my goal of burning fat simply because of the reason, there are so many ways and information sources about the fat burning subject but I found the healthy and right answer.

Having the best diet you need to include the right combination of carbs, minerals, fat, vitamins and protein. Carbs, fat and vitamins are important for your body and weight loss but the important part is the protein for our body to increase metabolism. It is important not only to lose weight but also building muscle and lose the right kind of fat not to mention your overall health.

What Does Protein Do?

Together with exercising will protein help you build muscle and burn fat and it could actually increase your metabolism rate up to 30 percent. Protein will take a while to digest but when it finally enters the blood it will start burning energy. The reason for this is that protein is our body's building block because protein is everywhere in our body like the skin, hair, blood, hormones and so forth. Protein Is the important food that increase metabolism but it is not only good for losing weight, it is also vital for other part of your body functions like your immune system and repair of the body.

These are some very important things what protein does for your body: Creating connective tissues, repairing and building muscle, making new blood cells, adding substance for the bone fragments, make a strong immune mechanism, adapting the pH stability from the blood and assisting to develop certain chemicals & enzymes.

How Much Protein is Needed?

How much protein do you need to achieve the benefits of a healthy body and increase your metabolism? There is no clear answer to the question because it varies with weight, age, health and your activity level. But what is certain, you shouldn't eat too much protein. Nobody should have a higher protein intake than 35% of the daily calorie intake even though men in general can have a higher protein intake than women unless pregnancy, which make the woman in need of more protein.

Where to Find the Protein?

Where do you find the right balance of protein to get the benefits for your wellbeing body then? Main thing for your food metabolism boosters is the food is low in especially saturated fat. There are a quite a few foods which will be good for you like vegetables, lean meat, low fat dairy products, grain foods such as nuts, seeds and a lot of other items which you will benefit from eating depending on what you like you eat and what you don't like.
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