Fancy Fillies Review

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Take a little known fact from the racing world, add a mathematically proven calculation and in just 15 minutes a day working from the comfort of your own home you will earn a profitable income!

And how do we know?................Because we do it, which is exactly why we can show you how to earn this kind of income ............... and it's tax free!

This system has produced over ï¿¡21,000 profit in the last three years,
not bad for 15 minutes a day!

Proven records - testimonials from professional sports reviewers - years of satisfiedcustomers - - live records updated regularly so you see how it brings in the profit, nothing hidden! -

EXTRA BONUS - so that you can check that the system really works! We are giving away, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, three month's FREE membership of the selection service - worth ï¿¡90 + a designer calculator!

So what were my testing results? Well, the Fancy Fillies System strike rate has never gone below 80% for me!

Because of the low odds this system lays at, that strike rate produced a huge profit. By the end of one month I made ï¿¡230 profit and the initial bank I had set aside for Fancy Fillies was smaller than that!

The guide also draws up specific illustrations and examples to test your understanding of the system, to ensure that you fully understand it before you risk your hard earned money.

The only point that worried me slightly was that if you used the system at different times, you can actually get different selections, on some days that is, a few, due to changes in the market. But it does not really matter because I found that whichever selections I chose they all ended up losing horses anyway!

Well I'm please to say I'm writing something positive for a laying system! Inn fact it's actually a first!

After testing many laying systems over the years, here on the CashMaster Blog, I was at the point of giving up with laying horses though I knew there had to be at least one good system out there, or nobody would be doing it.

The Fancy Fillies System is definitely one system I'll be adding to my portfolio of betting systems. 73.04% profit in a month! I'd have to be mad not to. Sure, I don't expect to make that much profit every month and maybe I hit some good months (lucky me!) but if it made 20% return on the bank averagely a month I'd be extremely happy with that.

The lowest strike rate I got over the time was 73.33%. The low liability combined with this strike rate gives a healthy profit. I actually have just had a strike rate of 82.14% which I am very pleased with.

The one burning question we always get asked is 'if the system is so successful why write an ebook?' To turn that question on its head, if the system was not so successful we would not write the ebook!

Also we are writers having written books on horses, textbooks for the British Horse Society books on property, and that is what we do. We write. We consider it similar to asking Shakespeare (not that we are in his league!) why he wrote his plays and did not stick to acting!

We run the system ourselves so we know they are successful but we also write the ebooks because we love writing.
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