Aries Horoscope for July 2011

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It looks like the focus will be on family, and those in the community.
Maybe centered around the private base of operations, probably a lot of activity and chat going on right in your own back yard, even if you aren't technically at home.
For most of the month.
Venus, in your home area, means you are more inclined to appreciate nature or the atmosphere around you or maybe you and someone are enjoying where you are currently located.
Much to stimulate you socially as you may be meeting and greeting a lot or out and about more and places or people keep you mentally on the go.
Some of you may want to beautify your space or help someone with theirs and there is a generally a welcoming or friendlier feeling with certain people or places.
A great time to bury the hatchet if an old feud or inner tensions have been dogging your footsteps.
So, the focus is on emotional foundations too and you could feel a little sensitive or nostalgic at times.
But the mental focus will have an entertaining, playful feel and there could be more discussions with children, young people and interaction with animals or access to leisure activities.
You should be feeling sociable and mobile within your community wherever you are.
THE SLOWER MOVING PLANETS: Jupiter's current position is a good omen for improvements regarding finances, property and your physical condition over the next 12 months.
A beneficial influence in these areas if you are willing to go with the Jupiter vibration of being open to learn through doing but also seizing sometimes surprising opportunities to improve upon something and perhaps honing skills in the process but also putting past experience to work in a way which turns them into cash.
Jupiter here sometimes amounts to something with potential dropping into your lap out of a clear blue sky, so don't fail to recognize the potential! Overall, this will be a cycle of reaching for better things related to material security through talents and abilities as well as possessions, property and other lines of supply which can nourish you.
Also, maximizing your earning power through development of latent abilities.
Natural resources, equipment or a better venue will flow more readily towards you over the coming 12 month period.
And with Uranus in your sign it may be a good idea to be open to the anything alternative or complimentary too.
The long transit of Saturn continues to test you through close alliances, putting more on your shoulders at times and trying your patience, but also helping you to build seriously useful connections with those you may look up to.
Its others in working or personal relationships that could pile on the pressure or just have high expectations of you.
Maybe you perceive their demands are unreasonable or maybe they justifiably know you can do better.
However it is, the reality may be all about striking a better balance in your close relationships through a deeper mutual understanding or through questioning how your behaviour does or doesn't get you what you want in close one-to-one involvement with others and then figuring out how to improve it.
Underlying these outward manifestations Saturn, planet of boundaries, is there to help you get the right balance between their needs and requirements and your own.
This theme continues well into 2012, and although you may not be in the best of moods when it comes to certain people, your power to focus on the job in hand is greater.
You can reap rewards of what has been planted by what you build now through more challenge in relationships in the future if you take things one step by step at a time with certain others in your life.
This Saturn transit may get you more acutely aware of what's been missing in personal or professional relationships and you are seeking a long-term commitment with someone who is more your style.
Uranus entered your sign on March 11th and will be there for many years.
During this time the winds of deep, transformative change will be altering you and your world in ways which can be surprising, but are also ground-breaking.
You will have to be flexible and open-minded as you adapt to new conditions inwardly and outwardly.
But you could be raising a few eye-brows along the way as Uranus is the spirit of experimentation, revolution and non-conformity which facilitates evolution and part of a significant growth process even though it may be unpredictable at times.
You should allow yourself to be ultra-flexible in your approach and experiment with alternative or unconventional approaches in your life.
Ariens born in the first week will feel this vibration most this month, and those with the first 6 degrees of Aries rising.
Neptune is working in the background, sensitising you to a subtler more psychic, spiritual or imaginative influence and you may find your dreams or visions become more vivid.
You may need more sleep.
If you need to heal or are supporting someone else, Neptune, planet of empathy, will help best through energy work and light healing and following your intuitive hunches.
Ariens born in the first 3 days or with 2 degrees of Aries rising will feel the energy most this month.
The life-changing force of Pluto continues to be felt across your sign from Capricorn.
Choices should be coming from a deeper place now.
As the hand of destiny is at your back gently guiding you forwards.
Over 2011 there will be an increasing urge for you to be free of outlived aspects in relationships or outmoded professional set-ups, or place on the map and, in general, become more the real you in whatever you do.
Ariens born 23rd-30th March will feel this energy most acutely this month.
From the 23rd you'll be in a lighter, more creative even romantic frame of mind and have more opportunities for enjoying entertaining activities.
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