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Who Is Defined As an Insider When Filing Bankruptcy?

The question of whether a creditor is a considered an "insider" in a bankruptcy case is an important distinction. When you repay one creditor and not others, it is considered a "preference" because you are providing special treatment to a single creditor. All creditors of the sam

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Basic Auto Insurance Facts You Need To Be Aware Of

A minimal amount of auto insurance is mandatory in every state. But there are other reasons why you should be sure that you are adequately covered, for your own sake as well as your family's. ...

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World"s Best Joke

When it comes for imagination, scientists can amaze people with the nature of experiments they do. Sometimes you may think that they have nothing better to do than amusing themselves and others, pushing the limits of the science. But most of the times, something good emerges from their experiments,

Report the News

Is it me? I thought that news organisations were supposed to report the news, no create or manipulate it. Channel 5 News recently ran a VT about the proposed changes to the Drink Drive limits.

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FCC Certification

Certification is one of the three methods of Equipment Authorisation permitted by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). All equipment must be tested to demonstrate compliance with the relevant part of Title 47 of US Code of Federal Regulations (47CFR).

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The Best Bike From the Years: Bajaj Pulsar

Bajaj Pulsar bike is available in four variants in India such as 220 cc, 180 cc, 150 cc Bajaj Pulsar DTSi and new 135 cc. Bajaj Motors offers the vibrant colors in Bajaj Pulsar to attract the more consumers. It is the good option for those who are seeking for the lively colors and want to look diffe

DIY Exhaust Manifold Replacement

The exhaust manifold routes the air and fumes from the engine to the exhaust piping and is located on the opposite side of the intake manifold. The intake manifold can be spotted by following the piping of the air filter. Every engine"s exhaust manifold placement is different. Broken exhaust manifol

Waterless Car Wash Is The Reason Behind That Shine

Being that the waterless car wash is very eco-friendly product, there is almost no better place in the world than California for a waterless car wash dealer to really earn their wings. Today we are going to be taking another look at one of our dealers, Ecolo Green Car Wash which has just moved to Or

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Pool Repair Costs

In-ground and above-ground swimming pools provide hours of enjoyment for your family, until a break or accident occurs. A tear in the lining or crack in the foundation keeps the pool from functioning properly and is costly to repair.

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What Are the Treatments for Feline HIV?

Prevention is the best treatment for FIV.feline contemplation image by Robert Kelly from Fotolia.comFeline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is a retrovirus. It is slow-spreading and in the same family as Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). FIV attacks the immune system, making cats unable to fight...