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What Are the Debt-to-Income Requirements for a Conventional Loan?

If you want a home loan, you need to know about income-to-debt image by Earl Robbins from Fotolia.comBy agreeing to lend money on a mortgage, the lending bank has to have some way to predict the homebuyer"s ability to make those monthly payments. This prediction is based,...

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The Body Project - An Intimate History of American Girls

The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls, written by Joan Jacobs Brumberg, is a compelling book presenting the history of woman's struggles with many issues including body image, self-advocacy, sexuality, and social pressures. The author guides the reader through these problems d

Classroom Observation Methods

Classroom observation is a crucial part of a student teacher"s education. Inside the classroom monitoring a successful teacher is one of the best places for you, the student teacher, to develop your own teaching style. Through careful observation, note taking and specific questions to the successf

Biography of Emilio Aguinaldo

Biography of Emilio Aguinaldo, independence leader of the Philippines, who fought against the Spanish and also lead his fellow Filipinos in the Philippine-American War at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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5 Tips For Whiplash Injury Claims

Whiplash injuries result from jerking the neck or shoulder and these injuries can often cause permanent problems. Since whiplash is considered as a serious injury claimants are allowed to file whiplash injury claims if they require compensation for medical expenses. This article will elaborate on 5

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Knowing More About OBD II Diagnostics

It is true that most modern cars have up-to-date technology embedded in them to help you with a better driving experience. However, it is necessary to know how you can make use of this new generation car technologies including the OBD II Diagnostic System to the fullest.

Ways To Keep Your Fuel System Happy

Bruno here in from an execllent tour!I'm very proud to talk about our fine quantity of CRF450X’s Honda and XR series bikes ran flawlessly. We’re very proud to get such great sponsors like IMS gas tanks, Regina chains, Precision Concepts suspension, Alpinestar Boots, Parts Unlimited

Amazing Shiny Cars On Hi Def Auto Detail

Another week, another roundup of amazing, shiny cars to marvel at. Believe us when we say, that even though we get the chance to do this every day, it still never gets old seeing all ...

Your First New Auto Purchase: Get What You Can Afford

So, you are in the market for your first new car.What an accomplishment.No more riding around in the car that can barely get up the hill or come to a red light without a sputter.You know the car.Your parents gave it to you when you graduated from high school.Although it was a serious clunker at the

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Woodworking Beginners: Secret Tips To Start Right

Woodworking encompasses a broad area of skills, specialties, and applications.Some beginners take on too much too soon or blow their savings on expensive woodworking tools and machines that they don't know how to use and might not ever need.And even some basic techniques can be confusing or eas

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How to Recognize and Treat Elbow Dysplasia in Dogs

When your dog is growing, sometimes the joint doesn’t develop correctly causing elbow dysplasia. Experts don’t know exactly what causes this health problem, but certain breeds such as German Shepards, Golden Retrievers and Rottweilers are much more prone to this joint problem. Symptom